• There is a roll of fiberglass insect screen in blue and a detailed drawing on its right.
    Full of bright and vivid color, eco-friendly, with high strength and stable structure.
  • This is a roll of black anti-dust window screen with fine mesh structure and high density.
    Keeping dust out, ensuring good ventilation and easy to clean.
  • A squirrel is scratching a pet-proof screen, while the window screen is intact.
    Several times stronger than traditional insect screening, corrosion resistance and anti-scratch.

Necessary Mosquito Screen Mesh for Home, Hotel & Office

What kinds of products we manufacture?

Our company mainly manufacture first-class mosquito screen meshes, including anti-dust window screen, anti-pollen window screen, pet-proof window screen, security screen, aluminum alloy window screen, copper window screen, fiberglass window screen, galvanized window screen, plastic window screen, stainless steel window screen, invisible window screen, magnetic insect screen, pleated window screen, sliding window screen and others in different dimensions.

How to choose your own mosquito screen mesh?

An appropriate fly screen, can not only keep bugs out, but also provide users an all-round protection, and it allows fresh air in efficiently which builds a comfortable living environment for users.

However, kinds of fly screens are sold on the market, which make you feel hard to choose one after your own heart. Don't worry. There are some tips to help you choose fly screen, as following:

There are window screens for different applications, you can choose the one according to the place it will be installed or what it is made for.

  • Anti-dust window screen: It can keep the dirty dust out of your house efficiently.
  • Anti-pollen window screen: Being high-density, anti-pollen window screen does well in repelling allergic pollen.
  • Pet-proof screen: This kind of mosquito screen mesh can withstand the scratching of pets and prevent pets from falling downing.
  • Security screen: Due to its high strength, security screen can protect you from not only insect but theft.
This picture shows three mosquito screen meshes with different usages.

Window screens made in different materials can perform diversely. You can choose one according to the climate characteristic of the region you live in.

  • Aluminum alloy window screen: Woven by premium aluminum alloy wires, it is anti-rust and works well.
  • Copper window screen: Meet both the aesthetics and practicality, this product is more attractive than others.
  • Fiberglass window screen: This product has the characteristics of flexibility and it is available in many colors.
  • Galvanized window screen: Being galvanized before or after weaving, it is anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.
  • Plastic window screen: This product is a lightweight and soft one which is cheaper than other products.
  • Stainless steel window screen: SS window screen with durable wire and good performance is a popular choice.
There are three types of mosquito screen mesh in different materials.

Meet with not only frames, but also the whole decorative style of your house. Some windows and doors in special types need customized mosquito screen mesh.

  • Invisible window screen: Also called roll-up window screen or retractable window screen, it provides a protection of your personal privacy.
  • Magnetic insect screen: This product is easy to install and full of bright color.
  • Plisse window screen: It is a ideal choice to save space, and is widely applied on the windows and doors.
  • Sliding insect screen: Commonly used on the sliding windows and doors, it can be pushed and pulled to keep unpleasant insects out.

Sizes: You can choose the mesh size, wire diameter, width, length and other dimensions according to your own need.

Colors: The commonest options are black, gray, and white. The black coating provides the best visibility, since it causes no distracting shine or glare. Grey is sometimes used in order to match the color of the window frame. White may sometimes be the natural metallic color of materials.

Four styles of mosquito screen meshes for customers to choose.
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